Saturday, 25 August 2012

GSoC Update 7: Final Evaluation Result

Firstly, I am glad to say that I have passed the evaluation. But that does not mean that my project is over, the Gnome Sudoku game is not yet something that I would call complete.

So, since my last update, I have been working on learning, and implementing in Vala some of the logic techniques that can be used to solve sudokus. The best resource I have found so far for this is Sudopedia. I plan to display opportunities to apply the technique in a help section, as well as highlighting the relevant cells on mouseover.

I also decided to change the way possibilities for a cell are displayed to the user. You can see this, and the previously described feature in the following screenshot.

I realise that the display for the techniques is not brilliant, I am still working out exactly how to display all the information. I am also working to add lots more techniques.


  1. Can we expect the Sudoku update for GNOME 3.8?

    1. I think that is the target my mentor had in mind.