Sunday, 19 August 2012

GSoC Update 6: Progress and the Firm Deadline

Since my last update, I have been working on making the game more playable before the end of my official contributions to the project as part of the GSoC are over. I plan to continue contributing to the project after this, but I would like to be able to submit something usable to Google.

So I began by adding a new game screen, this screen will also allow access to the previously played (saved) games.
Start Screen
Deciding what cell to give when the user requests a hint was done already, but displaying this hint was not. So I implemented a simple mechanism (probably in a bad way), to make the cell flash red. This is also used to warn the user when a cell becomes unfillable (if they have this option enabled).

The undo and redo functionality also needed fixing, I think some of the refactoring I did with the model code broke it. I also added a clear button to the number picker that appears over the board when you click a square.

The final important thing to mention is the preloaded puzzles. The game now includes some puzzles such that the user does not have to generate some straight away, this is also useful at the moment with the generator not fully working.

I next hope to add support for saving the state of current games to disk as JSON, and a help section to identify and explain logic techniques to the user.

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